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Aunt Judy: Chicken Sensat-HEN

  “If you drop a pebble of peace into a pond it will ripple

out and have effects, if you drop a pebble of hostility

       into a pond it will do the same.” (The Peace Pilgrim)

Is it ever too early to expose children to ideas such as cultural and racial harmony?  Author and illustrator Aunt Judy says a resounding “NO!”, believing that we can change the world – one child at a time.


In her book CHICKENS ON THE GO! Aunt Judy introduces children to various cultures around the world through her delightful depiction of AfricHENS, MexicHENS, JapHENese, etc.  The book is fun filled and colorfully illustrated, peppered with humor that even adults enjoy.  Since its release in June 2006, the book has sold thousands of copies and is being used as a teaching tool in twenty-five countries around the world.  Her second book CHICKENS IN THE KNOW!  shows children how important everyone’s job is, like librariHENS, constructHEN workers, HENgineers and more.


Both CHICKENS ON THE GO!  and CHICKENS IN THE KNOW!  promote peace, harmony and understanding.  Explore the website and check them out!

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                                            jumping chick
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